I Want! I Want!

by Moon Moon Moon

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Daniel Great album by an artist who keeps putting out great stuff. The songs tend to be somewhere between Elliott Smith style singing and Mount Eerie style music Favorite track: Autumn Night.
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Recorded in a tiny bedroom somewhere on earth.


released February 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Moon Moon Moon Amsterdam, Netherlands

Mark - hiding in his room.

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Track Name: The Pine Trees Pt. 1

I want! I want!
I want! I want!
I want! I want!
I want! I want!
I want! I want!
I want! I want!
I want! I want!
I want! I want!
I want! I want!
I want! I want!
I want! I want!
I want! I want!
Track Name: Autumn Night

One breezy autumn night far away
is the same moment as now and
I’m trying to understand that
I won’t be here for long.
Like the leaves that fall down so slowly,
leaving without a trace.
Or should I make a trace?

I’ve got several autumn night dreams,
romanced in my mind.
And if you say that they won’t come true I’d say:
“Shut up shut the hell up!”
Because being realistic is like being a blind man
turning all lights off.

["I should probably be trying harder to score chicks.
That's the only thing anybody really cares about.
It's not my forte, unfortunately."
"Max, it's just... you're one of those clipper ship captains, you're married to the sea."
"Yes that's true, but I've been out to sea for a long time."]
Track Name: Yellow Window

Yellow window,
I reached out to you and a burning house hurt my hand.

Can’t run, can’t stay,
I don’t want a body to take me. Wherever I go, I’ll be here.

Yellow window,
I put on a light but it’s not the same.
I got my backpack and I walked out there.

Yellow window, you know I love you but you’re a two-faced beast.
A moon in the sky with the sky at your feet. To dream about life, forgetting to see anything.
Track Name: I Want! I Want!

I want! I want!
Once there was a sky, now there’s my hand.
Trying to grab everything while I drop everything I ever liked.
Every planet has a moon, they’re looking all at me at night.
The sky seems infinite, my life will end too soon.

I want! I want!
I’ve got grass in my yard but the moon has more!
I feel stupid when I leave, I feel even funnier when I stay.
Made earth my home but the roof on the moon looks so good.

Oh god, how I love, sleeping at night while my blanket makes me disappear, I’m not here, I’m not there, I’m everywhere!

I want! I want!
I want! I want!
I want! I want!
I want! I want!
I want! I want!
I want! I want!
I want! I want!
I want! I want!
Track Name: Black Holes

Silent and closer to home, the graveyard won’t leave me alone. The black holes shed light on the endless night.
It was all black and white, old horror tunes.
As fleshy brains covered half of the world.
And mister Moon is dropping brain juice in clocks.
And mister Sun says it’s all in my head.
Oh! It’s bursting and hurting so bad!
But there are no wishing whispers coming from the ground of the graveyard.
Silent and closer to home; I can stop wishing.
When my rocket will touch the moon, Earth will get this weird lovely glow.
I’ll never be able to return.
Final wishes don’t come true.
Track Name: Dream Numbness

Goodnight, my lovely planet.
My bed might make you feel flat.
And I’ll blindly believe that you are.
And so you are.

Goodnight, my lovely little humans.
My rapid eye movement might turn you into clouds and ghosts.

Goodnight, my lovely sunrise.
My dark room might make the cloudless days feel cold.
Track Name: Jasmin, Vermont

In a movie she was good!
The only thing she did was walking to a place much closer to the stars.
I yelled out: “It is good!”

On a building, she’s no good.
But when she lands I’ll lie in bed and have my moon watching me for good.
I yelled out: “It’s no good!”
but in truth I want to lie here all my life.

You should’ve gone back to your old house.

Finland, it is good!
Everything smiles and it’s covered with a blanket, you would’ve loved it.

But still, you should’ve gone back to your old house!
Track Name: Window Frame

My window frame, he spoke to me.
Late at night, he woke me up.
He always does, I fell out of my dream, crashed back on earth again.

My lighthouse showed me the waves.
Late at night, I hear them cry:
“You’ve got no boat, just window frames!”
I wanted to die that day.

But through the waves, I saw my moon.
He’s my moon! He told me to love the endless waves.
Distance its face will haunt your days if you don’t stop staring back at him.
Track Name: Rippled Moon

Rippled moon, my hands are wet,
I’ll dry them with my comforter,
tonight when lanterns take over your job.

My bed will take over the world,
four ozone layers and a cozy plant
and a small tv.

England is so far away, I’m gonna love you like a reflection in the water.

No disappointed feelings in my room at night.
No mistakes, no heroes, no stories.

England is so far away I’m gonna love you like a reflection in the water.
Track Name: The Pine Trees Pt. 2

Moons don’t exist,
I’m hugging my day.

I want! I want!
Well, not anymore.

England is near.
Hugging my fear on my way to nightly days and lakes,
cabins and lakes.

I want! I want!
Well, not anymore.

I want! I want!
I want! I want!
I want! I want!
I want! I want!
Track Name: Oh Night, Oh Night

I seem down,
I am shy,
so I must be a genius.

I hate this world,
day in day out,
it pokes me in the back,
I hate it because I hate it.

I don’t need friends!
I don’t need them anymore when I’m up there,
from where I’ll point and shout:
“You see! You see! I got out!”

Oh night! Oh night!
The distance between me and the king sinks in the sea every time you appear.
But moons and stars and small yellow windows feel like dreams when the wet sun hurts my eyes.

Oh night!
You’re an American movie with the prettiest actors
and the day seems dark without you.
Oh night!
As you came out of the water in the mind of Thomas More.
The day seems dark without you.
Oh night!
I’m easily spooked, I close my eyes and I see you.
Track Name: Rockets!

World, I will feel bad
and cities will be gray.

People think a lot
and cities will be gray.

World, I will feel great,
as small as I might seem.

People think a lot
but the real moon stays far away!

Rockets won’t reach you.
We’ll never touch the perfect moon,
where is my cave?
Well, I might have found it just today.

World, I will feel bad.
World, I will feel great.