Sitting Through Credits

by Moon Moon Moon

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    Limited vinyl press. A and B side. 43 minutes. Designed by Mark Lohmann. The back cover features the characters of the indie films that the songs are inspired by.

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Nick Hortensius of the Leiden International Film Festival and Moon Moon Moon met after a show sometime in the winter of 2015. He told them about an idea he had for an album, inspired by the movies of their American Indie Competition. That summer, Mark spent three months inside, watching indie movies and recording songs after bedtime. All of that resulted in this album. Also, I don't know why I'm writing about myself in third person perspective, but it does feel official and fancy, right? Yes, we thought so too!
- Mark


released October 7, 2016

Written and recorded by Mark in his bedroom.
Cornet played and recorded by Stef Koenis (in his own bedroom)



all rights reserved


Moon Moon Moon Amsterdam, Netherlands

Mark - hiding in his room.

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Track Name: Famous Last Regrets - inspired by Born To Be Blue
on famous last

I’ve been
reading all of them
In bed.

Buzzfeed tells
me how to live my

But I’m gonna lose my friends
and I’ll lose my

Parents will say
that I’m bad news
I’ll be sleeping on
old ‘New York

Misreading the headlines as I snooze.

Music themed
birthday cards
in my mail.

Postcards showing
the tropical climate of

A guitar string round my neck
is what I should feel,
a marionette.

Buzzfeed says there’s always a way back

But I’ll run from Christmas dinners every year.
La la la la, la la la la!
Walking with my iPod to the pier.
La la la la, la la la la!

With my trumpet
on a pointy rock.

I can touch the sky from here,
can I not?

No, you’re lying on the floor and you’re leaking spit
and you’re done for.

Your best friends now live inside the drawer.

But I’ll fall from windows mysteriously every year.
La la la la, la la la la!
And one day it will make me disappear.
La la la la, la la la la!

I’ll be lying on the ground, getting stabbed to death, but there’s no crying sound.
My iPod will play like there’s nothing going on.

And then I’ll know I chose so poorly,
music doesn't care much for me,
and I’ll see you standing there,
in the kitchen, making dinner
with your husband and your children
and I will say my famous last regrets.
Track Name: Charlie Heaton In His "I Hate Everything" T-Shirt - inspired by As You Are
On the nights
I haven't found a
falling star to wish upon.

I am bound by flesh
to wish upon
rising movie stars to sleep at night.

And the scene they heard that Kurt had died
I wish I could run out of cars like that
but I've never been that real.

Charlie always looks so troubled,
it is comforting
in a weird way.

I saw him too
on 'Stranger Things' I fell in love with
Natalia Dyer.

But even if he gets the girl there's something off and always will be.
Love turned out to be a movie.
Charlie acts how I do secretly feel,
throwing bottles at the store,
pushing friends down on the floor.

La la la la la la la, la la la la!
La la la la la la la, la la la la!
La la la la la la la, la la la la!
La la la la la la la, la la la la!
Track Name: The Night We Dressed Up As Humans For Halloween - inspired by Transpecos
I looked dramatically through the glass.
October sunset, we just had sex.
I looked at Creepers, Slender Men and candy cones
You stood behind me dressing up like a ghost,
and I said:

"Let's just be
what we are.
Running away from murders when we're not the one
with the knife
in the back.
The running away until you're completely out of breath"

You said, "what the fuck are you talking about?"
I said, "I'm not sure, but I watched this movie
and a lot of people killed.
But they were all good, weren't they all good?"
Everyone needs to protect their own land,
(and) their little family as much as they can.
You said, "okay well maybe everyone's bad."
That kind of excited us so we ended up in bed
And you cried out:

"Let's just be
what we are.
Keeping your parents up with the bed against the wall.
We all want
to feel good,
and so in this world it's near impossible to never ever hurt."

It is a never ending saddening thing
Everything has to eat a smaller thing

I held your hand we said, "a trick or a treat!"
We felt like monsters, walking amongst those monsters on the street.
We're gonna stop hiding from ourselves, we are selfish and we are murderers, we are murderers!

Coming home,
I can't talk.
I am too horrified by my own developed thoughts.
But that one night,
sweet Halloween.
Running away from murders,
well, that's just really me.
Track Name: Making a Living - inspired by Swiss Army Man
I’m gonna take the bus to the game.
I’m gonna cheer for the right team this time.
I’m gonna buy some milk at the store.
I’m gonna fix the light at the door.
I’m gonna live, live, live in a house with you.

I’m gonna grow as tall as I should.
I’m gonna walk through the neighborhood.
I’m gonna make, make dinner for them.
I’m gonna stand and talk with your friends.
I’m gonna live, live, live in a house with you.

I don’t wanna see life as naked this.
It’s ugliness, it’s ugliness!
I’m gonna dress it up with a kid.
Ugliness, ugliness!

I’m gonna wait in the traffic jam.
(Making a living, making a living.)
I’m gonna burn in the traffic jam!
(Making a living, making a living.)

I’m gonna water all of the plants.
Painting the house before my holiday ends.
I’m gonna talk about how my day has been.
I’m gonna take out the trash to the can.
I’m gonna live, live, live in a house with you.

I’m gonna dress it up with a kiss.
Distract me now, distract me now!
I’m gonna dress it up with a pet.
Distract me now, distract me now!
I’m gonna forget how all of this ends with death.
Distract me now, distract me now, distract me now!
Track Name: Sleep Cape - inspired by First Girl I Loved
In a world where the moonlit porches aren’t filled with me,
I always thought I’d just stay home.

Evil always is a thing that other people are,
but am I other people too?

And from that point of view I would be the villain
And with my sleep cape I only serve myself!

In a world where the bedrooms aren’t filled with any me.
What else to do but burn them down?

I can see them hand wringing and hysterically laughing at the sky.
I can see them through their windows now.

And from that point of they would be the villain,
because everybody wants just to serve themselves.
and in the nighttime I entered the burning buildings,
because in my sleep cape I thought I was doing so well!
Track Name: Reality - inspired by From Nowhere
After the film,
ran outside
in the dark,

I saw it all,
for a while
I did know
my luck.

But in truth I felt so bad,
wanting to the moon to hug me dead.
He did not.
Spoiled kids do lack a lot,
and they die that way.

Cash and a note
on the bed
so that I
can eat.

And in a month
I’ll be twenty fucking

And reality is there,
crossed arms in some rocking chair.
"Leave me be!"
He shouts back, “you need to leave
your hometown now."

I’ll take my car,
car shaped bed
for a drive

Dreaming of lives,
so much worse than
the one
I've got.

And I sit at home alone,
buzzing fridges, beeping phones.
They don’t mind,
and make me forget, at times,
of the world.
Lots of people getting hurt,
but here I am,
feeling bad at 3 AM
for no-one but myself.
Track Name: American Dream (Stock Photo With Inspiring Quote) - inspired by American Pastoral
My friends are going insane.
Jobs, houses, girlfriends.

In the grass, on the street,
there’s no movement, there’s no need.
And in the sky, there is says,
"We can do the things we wish."

I might be going insane
with my backpack on this train.
There is no room to sleep.

I’ve been inspired by some
quote printed on a setting sun.
A cape made of air.

But I can’t fly and I can’t love,
and I will probably screw up.
Make-up girl, porn star,
we are all set up to fail
by Shutterstock.

In distant futures they’ll open their eyes,
dreams are for bedtime and life is for life.
I’m gonna get back my job in the mine.
All rocket boys ended up in the ground.

In distant futures they’ll open their eyes,
dreams are for bedtime and life is for life.
I’m gonna get back my job in the mine.
All rocket boys ended up in the ground.
Track Name: Stranger Danger - inspired by GOAT
We should not have let those things
inside this car they could've walked back home.

Now my broken yaw keeps yelling,
"stranger danger!", something's wrong.

Is wrong with me, I can see that too.
From inside the walls, from inside of you.
And there are strangers in my room,
they look like me and talk like you.

Written with an old typewriter,
things I think can't be unthought.

I've become my own ghostwriter,
stranger danger, what the fuck?

The fuck did I do to myself?
There is this thing when I'm alone!
All of the strangers in my home,
beating up wives and watching porn,
killing themselves and wanting more.

Why do I lie in bed,
with a half hearted heart attack?
Why do I have to lie,
when somebody asks what I've been doing all this time?

I can not be sure,
I'm blacking out and wake up hurt.
My shoes can tie themselves, it's weird.
I'm talking to myself somewhere outside in some park

I could not have picked a worse time to
watch this movie late at night.
I just called a hotline number, stranger danger all the time
The time I look it's 3 am I'm on the phone I want say

I want to fucking go insane!
And dance with strangers on the train
You are a danger to yourself
Riding your own back back to hell
Track Name: Sitting Through Credits - inspired by Burn Your Maps
Creature in the back,
we’re the only ones still left.

The movie has ended
but the lights are still off,
happy endings feel like this,
with your own crap
in the dark.

With my failing love life
and unhappy kids,
I wish to go back.

The cleaning lady
wakes me up, “you’ve been here for weeks.”

Shots of zooming out,
all the lights are blinking.
Plot twists always feel like this,
with your old stuff on a new shelf.

With my thinning hair
and my bad eye sight,
I’m still stuck in myself.

Here’s to the walls
filled with photos of ex girlfriends.

And to the freezers
filled with bodies of passed husbands.
Waiting for the extra scenes I’m
sitting through credits
in my own life.

With my bitterness and digestive fluids
I’m still waiting for more.

Oh, opening scene,
starting off in the middle of the day.

Here’s what you get,
take this body and snowfall,
intros always feel like this,
you’re thrown in a life
and then it makes no sense.

With my fear of sleep
and chaotic nature.

And you see it at
every funeral.

And they told me in
creative writing class,
I’m so bad at endings.

Creature in the back,
ain’t it time that we both got out?

I know you feel it,
don’t wait for sequels, get out of here.

And soon in the city,
you’ll be greeting and handshaking,
you’ll know where to go from there, I’m sure!