by Moon Moon Moon

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please drink lemonade with this album and take it with you on vacation


released June 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Moon Moon Moon Amsterdam, Netherlands

Mark - hiding in his room.

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Track Name: Summer Evening
Breathing hole, I found you at last, oohohoo.
Terraces and trips out of town, oohohoo.

But what comes after the best is over? Hm hm hm hm.
Waiting under the warmest bed? Hm hm hm hm hm

Orange sky, dancing and flags, oohohoo.
Asleep in the yard, asleep on the train, oohohoo.

Hands from the graveyard come and greet me, hm hm hm.
Point at the gate before they go.

Walking across the bridge past the frogs, oohohoo.
Oh oh oh.
Wakey wake, there’s something you should see, oohohoo.

There’s something you might want to be a part of.
There’s something you might want to become.
But then I yelled: “watch me for a second”
I don’t want to be anything at all!
Track Name: What The?
And then I saw it in their eyes.
There was something there,
I was missing out.

A little room, packed to the ceiling.
And I felt so rich,
Stumbling and leaning.

And it's all hanging from the sky.
And it makes no sense.
And it's all a lie.

And I will learn from everyone.
And I'll write it down.
And I'll keep it warm.

Sunday, Sunday, what are you really?
The lawn and chairs,
I can't help but feeling

That I'm still building, and mining in the sky.
Search for the gold,
Stop asking why.

And as a ghost, lantern and all.
There's no question mark,
There's a big black hole.

And so I sit down next to the pool.
And I'll drink my drink.
And I'll keep my cool.

Because in the flesh there's room enough to follow
The lie you want,
Whatever I'll borrow.

I'll give it back at death its door.
And I'll be no smarter.
Than before.
Track Name: Room
There’s room in my life
There’s room in my life for you
But there’s no room in your life
For a 23-year-old, hiding in his room.

Always been my biggest fear.
You are living life and I am living here.
We are so far apart.

There’s room in my life
There’s room in my life for you
But there’s no room in your life
For a 23-year-old, hiding in his room.

Oh, I am looking at the stars
But you’re having dinners and you’re buying cars
I feel so far away.

But if you’d only see me here
Recording the bass of this song
I know you’d dance around and cheer!

There’s room in my life
There’s room in my life for you
But there’s no room in your life
For a balding twentysomething sitting his in his room.

I’m kind of the shit in here
But when I go out there, it kind of disappears
I’ve got no real world skills.

There’s room in my life
There’s room in my life for you
But there’s no room in your life
For a balding twentysomething sitting his in his room.

I wouldn’t know how to fix the ceiling
and I don’t really know how to give you that feeling
But I can draw pretty well.

But if you’d only see me here
Drawing a very detailed fox
I know you’d see the point of me.
me. me me me. me me me me me.

My whole life depends
on the drawing of that fox.
My whole existence
in depending on this song
I went outside. And at the birthday
everyone looked at me
like I wasn't worth their time.

I don't know how to fix the floor
and I don't know what all the buttons on the microwave are for.

I have never ever rented a room,
I got distracted by the lights, I got distracted by the moon.

But if you'd only see me here.
Sampling a word to make a melody.
You'd know I've got a place in this
Track Name: Nightsky
Sky in the night.
I won't grow up.

I'll keep lying here.
For you're all that I got.
Track Name: Taylor Swift
Lift me up from my room
Get rid of my MPB
Make me a good songwriter
Singing melodies with me
And I will love my life
And I will love my life

Living in Aokigahara
But you said welcome to new york
Now my neck is filled with rope
Let me leave my parents’ home
And I will love my life
And I will love my life

When you take a hand
Let it be of flesh and blood and skin and real life!

I put my trust in the wrong place.
Track Name: Breathing Hole
Summer, summer, for just a while
Open coffins and growing smiles.

And it will be too hot inside,
and there are people talking at the poolside
I will join the people at the poolside.

The accountant took a breath
Like a healthy human far from death.

But it is always on my mind
And the air is heavy all the time
Yeah, the air is heavy all the time.

But summer, summer, just like a breeze,
I will flow around and I'll get with the bees.

Because there's a lightness in your air,
There's a lightness in the people there.
There's a lightness in the people there.

And I will have a job downtown,
and I'll be a hoot to be around.

And in the evening on the terrace
Face to face and countless laughs.

Summer, summer, I know it's there.
There's a breathing hole in the world somewhere.
And it is up to me to find,
it's the mission of my lifetime.
There's a boulder rolling down the hill tonight.
Track Name: Leaking Rowboat II
Trying hard to treat you all
as my friends who stay with me.

Proof of having been at sea,
traces of a life.

Just because it's in your head
doesn't mean it fits in there.

World so small and sea so big,
traces of a life worth lived.

And who's gonna show them when I've turned into skies?
Life's only worth it when you're still on his side.

Heller & Bergman, let me hear
all my organs disappear.

When I'm traveling off to sleep,
my only boat is leaving me.

And who's gonna hear them when I've turned into stars?
Life's only worth it when you can still feel your scars.
And all of the ghosts who were helping me then,
they will be gone when I'm joining them.
Track Name: Summer Vacation
I love the night and the winter,
make me forget
all of the girls in the daylight
oh, I despise them.

I meant to look at the houses,
their sweat rooftops.
I meant to look at the trees,
not people skating.

I love the mountainous peaks
and cabins, hiding.
I love the Norwegian lakes,
it's all that I need.

I only see skies and Norway, I
see the girls dress up the mountain.
But every year I see it disappear
and then here's my body.
Turn into this, it's nature's wish,
oh please let me [...?]
Throw my children in the lake,
they're knocking way too loud on this door of life.

I don't think that I'm mean for this,
I'm doing karaoke on the campsite, oh how I wish
I would be on NoFap day 9 or 10.
I can't keep eye contact and know nothing about making friends.
Start a family half the way I'll regret half of it, I'll be half asleep and I am done with it.
Oh, this trip, I should've not put American Pie on my iPod.
I'm walking to the river every night, I want to totally believe that I'm in love with the sky.
But I am more in love with Emma Stone, I am more in love with Emma Stone.
That's why I hate these trips, I spend the year inside of my head, thinking every day that I may be different.
But I'm the same I want sex, I want fame, I want drugs, I want Emma Stone to .... me off in the pool inside of a car.
Track Name: But I Didn't!
Pine tree, pine tree in the snow.
I rarely think of England when I'm all alone.

Only when this spider web gets tied around my neck just like the way I came in this world and I

Wonder where life should go.
Been so wrong, many times, can't make up my silly mind.

I could have a lovely life,
With a lovely bottle beneath a green streetlight.

I could go to Norway now,
I can do whatever and it's freaking me out.

Should've done, could've been.
But I didn't, but I didn't, but I didn't, but I didn't!

I miss what I gave the past, now I spend my nights undoing what once I thought was best.

I have to take it to the grave.
Eighty years of living will be gone with my last breath, I

Didn't enjoy, not enough.
Spoiled kids, lack a lot, need a moon and need a star.

Oh, memory, pressed against my face but untouchable.
Oh, wasted day, you want only what you had before.
Oh, one-way street, freedom in a fix direction
Oh, memory, filled with colors I won't see again.
Oh, memory, best friends in an open casket.