Help! Help!

by Moon Moon Moon

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What happens when you and I hold on to stars and moons and ghosts and loch ness monsters.




released March 17, 2017



all rights reserved


Moon Moon Moon Amsterdam, Netherlands

Mark - hiding in his room.

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Track Name: Oh, Wintertime!

Whitest snow, most leafless trees.
The coldest air, the iciest seas.
Oh, wintertime!

And then the universe says: "it doesn’t have to be bad”
“It doesn’t have to be cold.” But still, we’re freezing to death.

Loveliest fox, the vastest cloud.
Most deserted land, biggest fire around.
Oh, wintertime!

Foggiest breath, the emptiest schools.
The scariest stories and the coziest wool.
Oh, wintertime!

And all the prints in the snow, making all the new roads.
To the town and the trees and trough the mountains and seas.
And then the universe says, “you’re in the middle of this"
"It doesn’t matter where you are, you should be happy, it’s all the same ground that you kiss.”
But the snow is still cold when you’re down here on earth.
In the warm arms of our dreams we slept, but the ice it still hurt.

Oh, wintertime! Attach my house, kill all the trees, speak way too loud.
Drop all the stars on wintery nights, burn my wishes with them too.

Chase after me in the darkest sea,
an island like the sun will find me there.
Track Name: Hazelverse

Littlest star, wake up, put on a light.
All these questions. Oh, the endless night!
Littlest star, come to your window now.
Read all of the pages of your diary out loud.

Because I seem to lose myself in all this flesh.
And there's anger here and it all seems to make sense.

Littlest star, shed light on the oldest days.
Do all of our trees come from the roots that you made?
Littlest star, why should I need four eyes to see
All of the magic in the world at my feet?

Because I seem to lose myself in all this flesh!
And there's loving here and it all seems to make sense.

Littlest star, you will outlive my flesh.
But that something is passing doesn't mean it's worthless.
Track Name: House Sitting

Stormy night, this house does leak.
I wish for summer silently, oh I can’t let it hear me.

New front doors, but same ways out.
A change of scenery is not a change of the heart.

Give me your hand, give me your whole life too.
Skin on photo walls seems so much lighter.

Leave the kids and leave the wives.
A thousand notes on kitchen tables, I’m
on to the next house.
Track Name: Disintegration Loop

For a year now, hand from the ground.
Like a bear trap, I haven’t found out how to walk back to town.

Sing it to me, hand from the grave.
One more time then, I’d better leave, I’ve got a life to attend.

Hurry up now, hand from below.
These are my days but I still don’t know how to keep the dead in the ground.
Track Name: Help! Help!

Warmest summer in the evening.
You’re coming down with me.
And there will never be another good thing, in this life, ah ah ah ah ah.

Come, take a seat, take a seat.
There’s a world of couches to
To believe, to believe in.
Don’t you rush your little life.
There will be so much fun
in the nights still left to come.
At the beach, in the store.
Selling things to live for.

Oh, the weight.
It has found our shoulders.
It will find the time.
To completely bring me
Down with it.
And the stores are emptied out
And it will make me disappear.

Astronaut, I don’t think you’ll make it
Without your ship.
And don’t trust the stars to help you out,
because that’s what I did and
Now I’m calling out
After all these years, for help.

You’re not growing up,
You’re just getting older.
When you’re holding on
To a thing that’s not quite there.

And I keep going insane.
And I keep growing apart from me.

And I keep changing my mind.
And I keep growing apart from me.

And I keep saying goodbye.
And I keep growing apart from me.

Calling for help, I’ve been calling for help.
Track Name: Believing in Nessie

We met again, at the lake, I told you how
I’d like to point at the sky, every night, near the farm,
for my whole life.
The spacesuit fits me.

And then you took me for a swim down in the dark.
I would like to have a god, deep down with me, to keep me sane, because I can’t, myself
I need some help. Na na na.

It will kill us both, the modern life, because it’s surgery.
But at the grave, the children's songs, they weren’t wrong, they weren’t wrong when you can’t explain.
Where it all goes. Ha! ha! ha! ha!

There’s something in the air, I’ll grab whatever hand.
Track Name: Lifetime

Come, black robe, follow me there. 
I can’t leave the house without your glare.
Help me go somewhere.

But halfway through, I’ll look back and I’ll be afraid I’ve wasted it.
I’ll slow down and wish you’d be gone.
But you’ll you make hand and keep going on.

In the end, it’s only there
For a lifetime lovely glare

In the end, it’s always near
My whole lifetime will disappear.

So it matters now.

I will seek out my own house,
And I’ll love the sink and I’ll love the couch

Stay away, you endless lives
Making it so big it dies.

In the end, I’ll yell: “it’s clear,"
"it’s you who brought me lovely glare”
In the end, I’ll bravely say:
“Leave my body here to stay!”
Track Name: The Ocean Pt.2

Foggy mornings greet me with farewell
The moment I wake up from my own self.

And I’m not a boat, lost at sea
I’m not a person, lost in me
Or whatever this flesh is!

Angry waves seem bigger than myself (it should probably be "me", kids! But that didn't work in the song)
But waves will never roll without my unintended help

And I’m not a boat, lost at sea
I’m not a person, lost in me
Or whatever this flesh is!

And when someone sent the rainclouds to where I was
They weren’t sent at all I pulled them all the way to me.

And I’m not a boat, lost at sea
I’m not a person, lost in me
Or whatever this flesh is!
Track Name: Goodbye, Seabed

Come, house, we’ll find another place.
We were wrong, we should’ve stayed out of here.

Seabed, goodbye, you’re a truth told by a lie.
A nightmare in a floating world.

Leave your darkest duvet on the ground, when we swim up.
Your shadowy nightlight, your monsters on our breath, we’ll find the sky.

Seabed, goodbye, well I'd like to say I’ve tried, in the end when all of this will go.
So come, house, ‘till we find another place. There’s nothing down here we should want.

(World, I will feel great, world, I will feel great)

Leave your piles of frowning dead man here.
Well, rest in peace.
On the surface hides a secret depth, less dark than you
So goodbye, seabed and stay the hell away from all our dancing silhouettes up there you.. [unintelligible]
Track Name: Deathbed

Deathbed, deathbed, don’t you know, this is how it’s supposed to go
so don’t you bring up her name.

We have brushed our teeth at night and looked up at a lovely sky.
Infinity, seen by a bomb.

Regret is a wish overseas.
And I’m made of a wish overseas.

I was made before my birth
of wishes for a lovely bird,
bringing me in a sack.

I have wished on plenty days that
that bird would’ve changed his ways and
brought me back to 'no life'.

But deathbed, deathbed, now you’re here,
I feel all of that disappear.
And I wish I had enjoyed some more.